Spring 2016

- January 20, 2016 -

The pic above was one of my “moments in time” from our trip. This amazing Mother/Daughter team rocked my world!! Loved meeting them and I am in love with their line. Watch for Marigold to be hanging in Spoken VERY SOON!!!

We’re back it again!! Another season of promise. A promise to deliver the best looks our cute little Brick and Mortar can handle. And Spring 2016 doesn’t disappoint. With appointments lined up and visions in our head, this is what it’s all about. The creativity part of “building” your store at the beginning of any season is beyond exciting. So as we headed to “create” we saw some amazing new lines. One of our customer favorites, Eva Varro was spectacular!! Their soft dressing clothing is not only flattering to every BODY , but it is also easy care and totally travel friendly. A “must-see” when you pop in. Saga and Scandal are two companies that hang well with each other. They are soft and flowy with beautiful lace detailing. We love to put it with our denim or crop jackets. Speaking of jackets…We are bananas over our new line called Jackett. It is our version of a structured jacket, but it’s really not structured. It is the shape of a blazer with lots of novelty detailing. The best part, the collar is wired so you can shape it in any way you’d like. Wait for it….Stinking Cute!!!! We cannot forget about keeping warm when it’s still cold out, so 525 America and Curio sweaters are always our “go-to”! Besides their great colors, complimentary styles and affordable price points, they are winners in our eyes! The other reason for being in love with them, I never pack them away. They are a drawer away from keeping warm on any cool day. Not to be forgotten are some of all time fav’s that we continue to rock in Spoken…
Lysse, Nally and Millie, Dylan, Cino, Julia Jordon, Red Engine, AG Jeans, Mystree, Vintage, Hazel……Ya know, totally droolable for spring!!
Hope to see you soon!